Sometimes life brings you a reminder of just how short it is and what’s really important.

Sometimes the thing you were striving for one day seems the most trivial and unimportant thing the next.

Before becoming an author, I was fortunate enough to have found two champions, my publishers at Hashtag Press. I had been pitching to agents and publishers looking for a big five deal.

Something clicked with Hashtag.

The time felt right, and whilst I could have continued to search for possibly years longer, I knew that Helen and Abiola believed in me and in Pivotal. I signed my contract with them just over twelve months ago in December 2018.

Some might say I was impatient and should have waited. My instinct told me this was the right path though and I have not been disappointed.

Of course, they are not my only champions, which you can tell from my five page acknowledgments section at the start of the book! It is full of thank yous to all kinds of people who have given me their love and support during the writing and publishing of Pivotal.

The book is dedicated to my Mum and Dad who have always supported me and believed in me throughout my life. The ultimate champions.

My mum was one of the first people to read Pivotal after publication and wrote:

‘Nikki nearly finished Pivotal, love it, can’t put it down!’
‘Finished 2 days ago. Found it very intriguing. Read it quicker than anything ever before!!!’

I can’t tell you how my heart swelled with pride to know she loved it so much.

Very sadly, in early December, my darling mum was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly, just six weeks after she finished reading Pivotal. It would be an understatement to say it’s been a tough few months for me and all of my family, especially my Dad, especially over Christmas.

And I am torn.

Because I know how much she loved the book and was doing everything she could to promote it. She even mentioned it in her Christmas cards to distant friends and family.

Everyone says ‘she wouldn’t have wanted you to stop.’

On the one hand I have wanted to stay away from social media because it felt so unimportant; on the other I wanted to shout out loud how Mum loved my book, and how so so grateful I am that she could share in it’s success. She was so excited to hear Pivotal had been nominated for the People’s Book Prize and I’m certain she would have been over the moon to know it has now reached the finals!

It will be our first Mother’s Day without her soon. I know it’s going to be a difficult time but rather than be sad, I feel I want to honour her memory in a positive way. Since I can’t send her a bunch of her favourite flowers, I’ve decided to buy myself a big vase full instead.

And, as a gift to all mums and Nanas, I’m giving away three signed copies of Pivotal, each with a limited edition bookmark.

Click here to enter my free prize draw.

I feel blessed that mum had read and loved the book and hope that this giveaway will bring joy to three more mums, who love to read as much as she did.

Mum taught me so much about life and how to live it to the full.

Don’t put off your dreams until tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid of failing.

Just do it.

Go for it, whatever makes your heart sing- start it today.

You never know what’s round the corner…

© Nikki Vallance 2020


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