Four lives. Three siblings. Two secrets. One Pivotal moment. 



When a mysterious bequest throws the lives of four women into chaos, they seek support from hypnotherapist, Dr Kath O’Hannon. Through a process of self-discovery, their new-found knowledge weighs heavily, as they unpick four decades of life choices. They could accept the windfall, yet if they do, something entirely unexpected lies around the corner…

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Is it nature, nurture, destiny, or decision-making that leads us to where we are right now?

‘Pivotal’ is a relationship mystery, which portrays the impact of a life-changing dilemma on four seemingly unconnected lives. It follows a cast of strong women in their forties whose lives are disrupted by an extraordinary event, and explores the common experiences and dilemmas of ordinary women, who might be questioning the paths they have chosen. A book with many twists and turns, it is a mystery within a mystery. A story with relatable characters that prompts the reader to consider the decisions we make in life, the paths we take, and what could happen if we change direction?

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What an imaginative, absorbing read! I love the mystery, the reveal of which was held masterfully up till the end. You have a brilliant tone of voice: it’s witty and fast-paced. I also thought the characters of Dulcie, Elizabeth, Liza and Annie were fully realised – distinct from each other, and yet with unifying quests that the reader can identify by the end. The mystery is subtle, and yet it is kept up all the way through: what will each of the women decide, and how are they connected to one another in all this? 

You take the reader on a real journey through this book. It felt a little like watching a rom com (with perhaps more ‘com’ than ‘rom’); snuggling up with these fascinating lives, swivelling on a turning point, raising thoughts about what might have been or could have been on and off the page… This is a book that will get readers thinking – and talking, as well. I thought London, and the British countryside, were brought to life vividly in an almost nostalgic way, helping me sink into the story and picture myself in the protagonists’ shoes. It’s the sort of novel you fall into, and with its variety of voices, it will appeal to a wide range of readers.

Anna H.