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About Me

I’m a writer and coach who works with others to unlock their writing talents. I run coaching programs, an online coached group and one to one sessions to help aspiring writers achieve their writing dreams. My debut novel, Pivotal, is out now, published by Hashtag Press. I began writing ‘Pivotal’ whilst still working in my recruitment career, following a flash of inspiration in a session with my own coach. ‘Pivotal’ looks at the multiple paths a life may take at the crossroads of each significant decision. I’m is fascinated by what makes us who we are and how much control we have over our destiny, and interviewed a number of hypnotherapists in researching the book. I’m married with a blended family of five children,(four adults and one teen) across two hemispheres. Although I’m a beginner, I’m a big fan of Argentine Tango, which I hope to dance in Buenos Aires one day. My blog covers a wide range of subjects reflecting my love of all things creative, including tips on how to navigate life as a writer, interviews with publishing industry professionals and authors, and my own writing story en route to publication. If you enjoy a post please do sign up below to receive further blogs as soon as they are published.