Write Your First Novel

 For closet novelists who want to stop hiding and start writing!

Are you a closet novelist? Have you always dreamt of writing a book but can’t quite make it happen? Maybe you are stuck in another successful career feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. You’ve probably been making those excuses to yourself for years that ‘there’s not enough time’ or ‘my writing isn’t not good enough’ or ‘I have no idea how to get published.’


 If you are ready to get unstuck and get that book written, this course is for you.

As a compliment to the bespoke one-2-one and group coaching services available at the Writers’ Pod, we are launching this new course and guide, to unlock your creative writing talents and give space to your writing ambitions.

The course contains advice from experts, information, and exercises to support you as you write your first book. There are 11 modules designed for you to work through independently and at your own pace.

Module 1 – Where to Start,  Module 2 – Find the Time, Module 3 – Develop your Skills, Module 4 – Develop your Confidence,  Module 5 – Time to get Serious, Module 6 – First Drafts, Editing and Feedback, Module 7 – Which Publishing Path? Module 8 – Prepare to Pitch, Module 9 – Find your Agent or Publisher , Module 10 – Self Publishing and Alternatives, Module 11 – Your Writing Career.

Includes course videos, PDFs, links to further recommended resources and complimentary membership to the Writers’ Pod online group in February 2018.

The WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK online course will be only be available at this price until the 20th December 2018. Thereafter the full retail price will be £159 so make sure you don’t miss out.